GCK Exclusiv-e

Green Corp Konnection (GCK) created GCK Exclusiv-e to combine its expertise in retrofit with its passion for classic cars. GCK Exclusiv-e uses new-age quality materials to further enhance iconic vehicles while integrating the latest e-mobility technologies. Each model is homologated in France (and other countries on demand) and is available as a limited edition, tailor-made for passionate enthusiasts.


e-restomod is a combination of two processes: «e» stands for full electrification of a thermic vehicle «Restomod» means restoration of a vehicle by integrating the most modern technologies.

Green Corp Konnection

Founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Guerlain Chicherit and industrialist Eric Boudot, Green Corp Konnection (GCK) is an ecosystem of industrial companies at the forefront of the transition to green energy and split in three divisions :
- A Technology & Industry division which gathers all of our activities around the development of innovative technologies dedicated to tomorrow's mobility - lithium-ion batteries, electric motors, fuel cell - and their integration into all types of vehicles - cars, boats, buses, trucks, snow groomers - through our recognized expertise in the field of retrofit;
- A motorsport division which relies on GCK Motorsport, our racing team competing in the world rallycross championship and in cross-country rally, to test in the most extreme conditions the technological solutions developed by our Technology & Industry division;
- An Energy division dedicated to green energy supply - we are able to produce, store and distribute green energy anywhere in the world.

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We are delighted to present the Lancia Delta Evo-e brochure. Click below to download it in the language of your choice.